Sales Tracker Solution

Sales Tracker Solution provides an effective tool that allows sales men & sales leaders to perform the selling as well as tracking the sales quota, for the purpose of increasing the sales of food products.


Why do you need Sales Tracker Solution? 

As a platform for sales leaders & sales men to enter sales of product or service easily, Sales tracker solution provides on the move data & functions, which is open to access and use anywhere you are. This solution can be deployed over multi-country units & locations for better synchronization of massive system among large regions. When it comes to efficiently managing sales and profit, we understand the disadvantage of multi-level hierarchy. With Sales tracker solution, there’ll no longer be disruptions, errors or data loss in sales info management among too many people.

Moreover, sales tracker solution also serves as an effective performance tracking to benefit the product/ service provider by providing accurate knowledge on productivity & output.

For the purpose of supporting sales activities, sales tracker solution can be utilized in performing selling, payment, etc.

Best of all, sales tracker solution prevents any loss in data & information, guarantees system security & reliability by using a unified cloud data management. Sales info is always accessible to person-in-charge, and up-to-date to meet the need for real-time data.

What make users love Sales Tracker Solution?

For salesman

With all data-in-hand with just one single portable device, a salesman can easily perform sales task on the move, for example submitting orders, exporting receipts, …

Any individual can manage quota & KPI for better performance and output during a period.

Sales tracker solution can also be used for customers management, product presentation & ordering. With the help of this technology, all work involves dealing with too many factors, parties and much data input is no longer the problem.

Data input of sales tracker solution is always ready for synchronization for future access or analysis report.

For salesleaders

Saleleaders, though do not directly perform selling tasks, are now able to know every single detail for thorough management. Sales tracker solution also allows salesleaders to set/approve/manage sales target/quota/plan.