TVO Japan appoints Vice President of Sales and Business Development

The newly appointed Japanese Vice President, Mr. Teruhiko Tahara, is expected to boost sales volume as well as human capacity of TVO Japan to the next level within 2017 and the next 5 years.

Mr. Teruhiko Tahara has solid background in IT as well as a huge amount of experiences in outsourcing industry from Japan to other countries including Korea, China, Vietnam. He also has deep knowledge and exposures to doing sales and business development from the perspective of an IT outsourcing company and a large network of executives and friend companies which are also in the same field.

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Vice President of TVO Japan, Mr. Teruhiko Tahara

All of these combined will be of great help for him to bring good sales volume, as well as help build our TVOJP workforce in the future. With Mr. Tahara in the management team of TVO, TVO Japan and therefore TVO as a whole would pick up a big and quick growth within 2017 coming and in a long future to come!