TVO Launches BrSE Engineer Training Program

The signing ceremony of BrSE Engineer Training Program has recently taken place at the HQ of Tinhvan Outsourcing JSC.,. Presented at the ceremony were three outstanding employees selected for the program and the representatives of the company’s Board of Directors.

As one of the main programs of the 2016 Employee First strategy, which aims to invest in human capital, BrSE is expected to help creating a group of talented engineers that will act as a bridge between TVO and renowned clients in Japan, strengthening the company’s competence and overcoming language barriers in this key market.


After a rigorous selection process that also took into account the wishes of the employees, three individuals were chosen: Nguyen Huy Du, Le Ngoc Thanh, and Pham Hai Tuan. These employees not only made significant contributions to the projects in which they were involved, but have also shown dedication and long-term commitment to TVO.

As recipients of the company’s significant support for their careers, all three employees have demonstrated great determination to excel in the training course, which lasts 1.5 to 2 years, in order to gain more knowledge in their expertise, and further contribute to TVO’s development. On behalf of the Board of Directors, Deputy CEO Nguyen Manh Toan expressed recognition of the employees’ commendable efforts and achievements in their jobs, and wished them success as the first students of BrSE Training Program.