V on Shenton

V on Shenton is a mobile application, in which anything you wish to see in a residence is at the tap of your finger. You will feel the power of mobile computing applied to the world of architecture & lifestyle.


Why should you have this app?

Users get to learn and see all about Five on Shenton, a 99-years leasehold condominium development. Without a mobile application, it may take your potential customers more than just a little time to pace back and forth inside an apartment before considering long-term renting. Now is no longer the time for this old-fashioned way of doing the business while you can always take advantage of all available cutting-edge technology. V on Shenton integrated every major factor under consideration about the apartment into just one on-hand mobile application. Whether you are in search of architectural detail, you’re curious to find out what’s inside & around this residence or you just want to take a good look at it, you will find this application useful.

For service providers, an application like V on Shenton is a must-have companion for efficient marketing & selling, as it offers a great chance for customers to easily get to know about your service and the like.

What makes users love this app?

V on Shenton mobile application provides you full options to view location map, in which you can behold the building itself and the surroundings from the outside & high up above.

V on Shenton’s facilities & floor plans are also available for browsing when it comes to detailed information.

Moreover, Panoramic views & gallery will bring you a wonderful illustration of the residence inside out.