Technical competencies


At TVO, we are well aware of the critical importance of technology application in improving productivity and creating business break-through.

With a big pool of human resources, who have experienced working on a variety of platforms and technologies, we have complete control of all comprehensive solutions to customers’ issues.

Furthermore, we always make sure that our staff get hold of all up-to-date technology, keep pace with challenges and innovations to be fully capable of providing customers with optimal choices.

Especially in the following areas:

  • Mobility: TVO mobility solution enables enterprises to have their current web application run on smartphone platforms through private app-store operation. With only one smartphone device in hand, your website is always open to access, which empowers the mobilization & availability of the whole system. This optimization is now offered on any technology platform, making it possible for your enterprise to reach target customers.
  • Big data: When it comes to managing so large & complex data sets, which is impossible for traditional data processing applications, we are capable of providing Big Data service. Facing many challenges from analysis to information privacy, TVO is committed to assist customers in handling big data management through the application of various advanced methods. Our accuracy in big data paves the way for higher operational productivity, cost reduction and risk prevention.
  • Cloud application: Our cloud application service provides customers with various capabilities to store and process data in a shared resource for multiple users to access, retrieve and update data for different purposes. With our cutting-edge technology, all data and information will be moved to cloud without unexpected disruptions getting in the way. TVO’s cloud computing offers a comprehensive, effective solution to infrastructure maintenance, which enables enterprises to solely focus on business instead. All applications will be done in time at a reasonable cost, with conformity to customers’ performance and security requirements.

Above all, we understand that bringing true values to our customer is not all about technology, yet suitability and conformity to customer’s requirements is of utmost importance.

HR by Technology