Large-scale development


Large and complex organizations are often in need of large-scale systems development, for the purpose of managing enormous projects across multiple units and locations. Large-scale development has to go through a quite complicated business process, requires strong architecture, not to mention the concentration of human resources over a long period of time.

We are capable of exploring their complex structures, investing time & resources for software engineering according to a timely, orderly & productive fashion. Furthermore, guarantee of large-scale system’s safety, security and high performance, which requires cooperative behavior of many of a system’s modules, is also under sufficient consideration.


Why choose TVO for Large-scale Development?

  • We have a big resource pool to divide the responsibilities for specialized groups or specialized staffs.
  • We understand the utmost importance of outstanding technical skills when it comes to large-scale projects. That’s the reason why a group of experts with certificates from Microsoft, Oracle, IBM will definitely be in charge of large-scale development.
  • We also ensure to establish international quality assured standard & process for high quality product delivery. System security & reliability is under guaranteed under every circumstance.