Inventory Management

Inventory Management is mobile support tool to manage warehouse professionally and effectively. This mobile app has significantly altered the way of keeping track of stock list.


Why should you have this app?

This app is an effective & easy-to-use tool to manage your inventory. Any information on which inventory is left in stock, where it has been transported or product detail is now at your fingertips. This mobile application is a perfect replacement for old-fashioned way of stock list tracking, which often involves too much paper records, manual data input and is such a waste of human resources. It’s high time everything be put in just one place, open to access and use whenever in need.

The app was optimized for fast and smooth operation on smart phones; particular emphasis was placed on simple and intuitive operation for good user experience.

What make users love this app?

With this app installed on smartphones, person-in-charge can register, check & manage inventory product with ease. Users also have access to review & move stock quantity, quality and packaging of a number of products from many locations. For keeping records & accessible information, report and electronic signature can be created.