Tranobo is an Internet platform which allows users to plan a trip and share their travel experience of their own with others.


Why do you need Tranobo?

Instead of keeping a paper travel journal, which involves keeping track of too much detailed information, Tranobo provides you with a useful tool to create a travel notebook. All trip-planning tools are integrated into this website, and users have only one job of customizing to their own likings. Anything from a schedule, user profile, comments, photos, videos and other support sites can be added to complete your travel notebook. These will be open to access for everyone, which means travel information is always within reach, whenever & wherever you need it.

What make users love Tranobo?

Users are allowed to plan and manage their travel plans and create a personal travel notebook. On each day, users can write description, upload photos or videos, just like what they do to keep a daily journal. Tranobo also serves as a platform for users to exchange traveling experience, stories and comments.